Saturday, February 20, 2010

Supper the Fifth

This past Thursday, February 18th, was our fifth supper club!
Our menu was totally vegetarian and even mostly vegan, since Celia and I have embarked on an experimental month of ovatarianism (vegan+eggs).
We made:
-Apple-zucchini crostini (referred to as "toasts," haha)

-Tomato-stuffed mushrooms (yes, these were vegan...despite the intensely savory flavor! mmm)

-Warm carrot, dill, and white bean salad (sadly, no picture)
-Homemade sweet potato ravioli with a brown butter sauce and sliced almonds (our only non-vegan item, with the eggs in the ravioli and the butter in the sauce)

-And a delectable and totally vegan blueberry cake:

It all turned out delicious if I do say so myself.
Daniel volunteered to be our official photographer this time so we have some lovely "socializing" shots:

And even a couple cooking shots (with our matching aprons!). "Double fisting" (flattering, no?):

And Celia plating the ravioli:

I'll leave you with my favorite shot of the whole table:

Recipes to follow. Hope everyone had as much fun as we did!
Til next time,

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