Sunday, December 13, 2009

Supper the Third

Hey friends!
Last Thursday was our third dinner! As I said in my last post, in Celia's absence I recruited a guest chef, Mary Dellenbaugh. Mary put together a great vegetarian menu for us, which was:
Sekt as an aperitif
Parmesan, garlic, and artichoke dip with bagel chips and olives

Pumpkin-curry-fig-coconut cream soup

Spinach & corn tart on a bed of greens with a balsamic reduction

& mini lemon-raspberry cremes for dessert

It was all delicious!
Only six people were present (our smallest yet!) and it was a very cozy evening. This time, I remembered to take a few photos!
In the absence of an apron, Mary swaddled herself in a towel to blender-wand the pumpkin into submission:

The guests, before we realized we didn't actually need both tables since two people cancelled/didn't show:

And one with me in it...luckily you can only kind of see my horrible thrift store Christmas vest, hahaha:

I have loooved having the leftovers the past few days! Those who didn't come, you missed out.
Stay tuned for the pumpkin soup recipe--Mary invented it herself!

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