Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Next Supper!

The email's been sent to the list, and here's what it said:
Hey supper clubbers!
Last week's supper was a fun one! I hope everyone enjoyed as much as I did.
Those of you who attended will recall some uncertainty about the next supper stemming from Celia and my respective holiday travel plans. Good news, however: we will be holding one more dinner in 2009, on Thursday December 10th!
Since Celia will still be in the States, we have recruited a guest chef, Mary Dellenbaugh. Mary is a photographer and all-around awesome chick, also from the US, who has actually worked in restaurants before (gasp!). She has very graciously agreed to let me cook with her in Celia's absence!
Since Mary is a vegetarian, her menu will be as well. Yum!
Here is the tentative menu plan (subject to change):
as Mary says, "nice & hearty & warm for December"
Parmesan-garlic-artichoke dip, various cheeses & olives with crackers for starters
Pumpkin curry soup with figs & crostini
Vegetable tarts (kind of like pot pie) on a bed of greens with balsamic reduction
mini lemon cremes for dessert (Mary sez: "something light to end all that good heavy stuff!")
+ of course wine.
I ask you, does that not sound delicious?!?
So email me back if you want to attend on Thursday, December 10th! We can only accommodate 10 people in addition to the two of us, so it will be first come, first served. If you need to cancel, please let us know at least 24 hours in advance for shopping purposes! And don't forget to bring your APPETITE and whatever donation you would like to give to cover our costs.
Let us know about any dietary restrictions as well.
And please feel free to pass this on to friends who may be interested!
This will be our last official supper club dinner until the New Year, though we will be cooking Christmas dinner if anyone is going to be lonely and hungry on Christmas Day :)
Hope to see you soon!

If you would like to RSVP and/or get on the mailing list, let us know at cdsupperclub@gmail.com.

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