Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Qype: risotto in Berlin

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If you're like me and adore the culinary amazingness that is risotto, then this place will be your dream come true.
4 or 5 risotto options make up the menu, all you have to do is choose which scrumptious option to go with--not an easy task! Luckily since I had been craving artichokes and today's cheapest special was an artichoke risotto, my task was made somewhat easier. But I was still tempted by the tomato and broccoli-and-goat-cheese options.
I added a small side salad to my order and loved that the greens and dressing were handed to me in small jars. Plus the dressing was delish.
For that and my risotto I ended up paying about 7eur, which is not too bad considering the quality.
From the lovely heavy silverware to the friendly service to the decor, I loved everything about this place. Definitely worth checking out!

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