Friday, November 6, 2009

Pie Adventures

Last week I had some leftover crumbled cinnamon cookies and I thought it would be fun to use them for a pie crust. I knew just the pie I wanted to make: my mother's French Silk Chocolate Pie. I got the recipe and it is pretty simple (and decadent): sugar, eggs, butter and melted chocolate, poured into a pie crust and refrigerated for a few hours to set. Since I had some leftover mint as well, I thought I'd add my own twist and try making a mint syrup to mix into the pie filling. The pie usually sets pretty hard, so I thought the extra liquid wouldn't ruin the pie's texture.
Sounds simple, no? But this post isn't called pie adventures for nothing. Hahaha.
First hiccup: burnt the crust. I have a habit of burning things that only have to be in the oven a short time. I get distracted too easily. See: burning 4 rounds of pine nuts to top last supper club's couscous before finally getting it right (whoops).
Second hiccup: burnt the new crust I constructed from the un-burnt bits of the original one and the leftover cookie crumbs. Oh well. Burned crust it is. Maybe the pie will have a nice smoky flavor?
Third hiccup: My roomie shopped for me and got 90% dark chocolate which is very bitter. But I happen to like dark chocolate and besides, there's more than enough sugar in the recipe, especially with the added mint syrup. It did make the filling look different than when my mom makes it though.
Fourth hiccup: My mother's recipe is designed for a smaller pie crust so the filling spread quite thinly over my larger pie tin.
So how did it turn out?

Well, the crust didn't hold together well, and it didn't set as hard as it usually does, so it wasn't really pie so much as pudding with crusty burnt bits. And the mint flavor was nonexistant. But you can't really go wrong with eggs, sugar, butter and chocolate, so I still ate it :)
Not all my kitchen forays turn out well!

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