Monday, November 16, 2009

Qype: Kurhaus Korsakow in Berlin

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So far my favorite brunch buffet! The hot offerings are what I expect from a breakfast buffet: scrambled eggs, baked beans (mmm), and some kind of meat (the first time I went it was scrumptious little sausages, last time it was Jägerschnitzel patties). The cold offerings consist of a huge spread of lovely salads, including egg salad; a big platter of smoked salmon; a basket of fresh and often warm-from-the-oven bread; a big platter of seriously quality cheese (dear god, I ate a ton of it); various cold meats; and the usual muesli/cereal/yogurt, including some delectable chocolate pudding. You can have unlimited access to this smorgasbord of delight for a mere 7.90eur. If you want a big glass of OJ and a cup of coffee or tea, it'll run you 9.90eur. For a whole pot of coffee or tea along with your OJ and breakfast, it is a mere 11.90eur. Trust me, this is a steal for the quality of the buffet. Not to mention, it is right by the Boxhagener Platz Sunday flea market, and I've never found it overcrowded. Next time you want a quality brunch, give this joint a try!

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