Thursday, November 5, 2009

Qype: Cafe Morgenrot in Berlin

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Came here for brunch right as they opened at 11am on a Sunday. The buffet seemed small at first, but really they just put out small amounts of everything, and refill constantly. The bread was warm and soft, the extremely varied sweet and savory spreads delicious. I also loved the bean salad and caprese (mozzarella, tomato, and basil, one of my favorite combos of all food-dom). The best part, however, was the CHEESE. Little wedges of creamy beautiful bleu cheese and brie; slices of flavorful gouda, swiss, and more; and an amazingly tangy and wonderful gorgonzola spread. Paired with the bread and some fresh sliced tomato, it was heavenly. The only weird thing was the vegan scrambled eggs--huh? It looked like bright yellow couscous.
We also tried the vegan chocolate cake and it was pretty darn good for something without eggs and butter.
The price is anything between 4 and 8 euro, you what you think you owe.
I will definitely be back--the perfect pre-Mauerpark brunch spot!

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