Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Supper the Second

Well! Last week we successfully survived the second supper club. Exactly a week ago, in fact. Sorry it's taken so long to post on it.
The fact of the matter is, I totally forgot to use my camera until the dinner was basically over. D'oh! You'll just have to imagine what I describe.
The photos I have are of the aftermath.
The decimated guac and mango salsa:

The usual kitchen disaster zone:

A burn on my hand (accidentally touched the inside of the oven):

And Celia classin' it up (haha):

The menu was:
Black bean dip with pita
Grilled salmon
California-style guacamole (that means chunky, none of this creamy creme fraiche-spiked stuff the Germans try to pass off as guac)
Mango salsa
Roasted rosemary potatoes
Fresh green salad
Flourless chocolate cake with warm raspberries in mint syrup
Since it was a work day for me, I did not have quite enough cooking time and ended up madly whipping egg whites for the cake when the guests had already arrived! But I think (I hope!) everyone enjoyed the wine and bean dip, so the delay wasn't too bad. We had mostly newcomers: Mai, Michelle, Daniel, Charlie, Christina, Linda, Junitta and Jan were all first-time supper clubbers (welcome, guys!). Kate came back, and my roomie Josh also joined us again. It was a lively crowd, and at 12 my bedroom-turned-dining-room was at full capacity! That's what made it fun though :)
Stay tuned...the next dinner is in the works!

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