Thursday, November 5, 2009

Qype: Kinocafé Intimes in Berlin

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At first I was kind of resistant to the idea of Berlin brunch. A cold buffet? C'mon, just give me some eggs benedict dammit! But I've been won over (thanks in no small part to my complete and total adoration of cheese). The brunch here is HUGE--a big long table of cold salads, meats, and cheeses; cereals, yogurts, and a delectable tiramisu (which goes fast and is not replaced, so grab it early!); and a couple hot plates (pasta, when I went). Given that I had a pretty legit hangover and was hella hungry, I was happy for the variety and had two big plates of food and two helpings of tiramisu. Since I ate so much, the price of 8.5eur was reasonable, but it seems a bit steep for brunch in general. I've been to places that charged half that for a similar buffet. Having paid that much for the food, I didn't want to pay for a drink, so I can't comment on their beverages. The regular menu, however, looked quite good, and I wouldn't be surprised if I end up back here again.

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